In the life of every resilient leader, there comes a time where they need some sound advice.

I am frequently asked by clients and event attendees if I offer any kind of coaching packages, and inevitably they are shocked when I reply that I don’t believe resilient leaders need coaches.  I believe they need advisers.

They don’t need someone to cheer along side them, motivating them on.  Resilient leaders are already motivated.  They more often need someone who will respect their time, help them cut through the B.S., and make a sound decision to overcome a roadblock.

I offer an executive advising service to resilient leaders who are serious about thoughtful, pro-active action.  If you are stuck in at a crossroads, facing a dilemma with your team, or questioning the best next step for your professional goals, please contact me.  I bring decades worth of practical experience, research acumen, and insight into leadership to the table – all you need to bring is the challenge.

Advising packages are sold on an hourly basis, and most people only need a few hours to address and overcome the barriers facing them.  Packages may be customized for individuals or small teams of leaders.