Blooming with Abandon: Creating Environments that Work

6060951 Have you ever had the opportunity to grow something? A house plant? A beard? A young team member? All my life, I have enjoyed growing gardens – working in the soil, weeding, pruning the overgrown vine that threatens everything around it. I even enjoy the stiffness in my back after time in the garden.

One day, as I was weeding the flower border around the patio in the backyard, I began to see the rewards of all my work. Keep in mind that you can’t make a plant do anything. All you can do is create the best right environment for them so they can express their true nature. That day I began to see how the flowers I had planted responded to my attention and were flowering with abandon. What a feeling of pleasure. I realized that if there were gardens in heaven, I would be content to be a gardener there. That moment, I discovered right here on earth my life’s purpose. I’m a gardener. I’m here to create the best right environment to help others bloom with abandon.

It was 27 years ago when I discovered my purpose. When I did, I realized it meant nothing unless I prepared myself to accomplish it. Just as flowers need light, water and fertilizer, we need knowledge to answer the call of our true nature and goals. We need support to assure that as we stretch ourselves, we don’t break in the process. That’s why I am building a unique ‘garden’ where people can be their true selves and acquire the sustaining habits necessary to follow their own paths to their goals. In this garden, leaders can learn also how to create the best right environment for their staff. When we are in an environment that supports our being the best, productivity, innovation, resilience, agility – all those words that management loves – become outcomes that grow naturally.

This blog is just one of all the activities I do to create great growing environments for people. It is a place where I can present insights I have gained through my practice of creating growing environments. I invite you to the garden I am building.