RIP, Dennis Rader

495d1c1894c70a7f0235a5.L._V388315198_SX200_Sometimes you meet someone and right away see their value. I was lucky to have seen immediately the amazing qualities that Dennis R. Rader brought to this world. He was one of the most creative individuals I have ever known. He could come up with ideas that turned the world upside down. And he did so gently. His books Hogs on Ice and The Little Green Jeep in the World of the Red Queen were a joy to read – and view visually. His latest book, Learning Redefined: Changing the Images that Guide the Process, has not been published yet. I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy and found it to be a lovely blend of his humorous and serious writing. I hope the book makes it to the public. Dennis was a co-author to this blog and contributed five blog entries. You can find them by searching on Rader. Dennis was a friend. We talked about learning with equal enthusiasm.

For me, it was wonderful to have such a companion. We are/were both very interested in the topic. He understood what I was saying almost before I said it. I shall miss the conversations that could have been. I shall miss Dennis.