Finding Purpose

As usual, the show begins with questions from the listeners. Occasionally, there is a question that deserves attention. The second question from a listener is deep and worth the listen. She then gets to the main topic about how purpose can help you make choices with greater confidence.

Value of Daydreaming

Silence, an important part of the practice of building resilience, gives us a moment for reflection, time to consider all the information we have gathered, put it into its place, and consider the potential. Madelyn talks about how to reduce the cost and gain the benefits of reflection, the greatest gift of our brain’s design, the capacity to imagine, and daydream.

The Full Meaning of Daily Practice and Habit

“After the usual listener questions, Madelyn turns to practice. Our feelings about practice start at a young age when we begin to learn how to play musical instruments or how to play football or how to drive a car. While we rarely love the idea of practice, we all love the idea of being proficient. Practice is the action that builds habits that allow us to take those actions proficiently.”