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Whether you are a formal leader or lead only yourself, are you prepared and comfortable with the ambiguous, fast-paced world we live in today?

In a world full of disruption, resilience is at a premium. All of us began our lives as resilient little people. If you have lost that edge, it is time to unlock your resilience with my range of programs.

All my programs can be customized to organizations of various industries and sizes. Interested in a program area not listed here?  Please reach out to discuss how my work can be tailored to your organization’s needs.


Riding the Current: Unlocking Your Resilient Leader

This webinar series, Riding the Current: Unlock Resilience & Lift to a Whole New Level, helps leaders learn the three characteristics of the world’s most resilient people and proven methods to:

  • Harness the ‘Phenomenal 4’ to energize each day
  • Explore your core power through simple to learn and easy to do techniques
  • See the enormous power of questions and how they can become your habit
  • Build methods into your work to assure you have the information you need
  • Refine your goal and pursue it with purpose
  • Discover what’s on the other side of challenges
  • Become a resource for others in ways that build toward your own goal
  • Come face to face with the qualities that others see in you
  • Realize how you can fulfill your potential as a resilient leader, first of yourself and then of others
  • Experience the joy of stepping into new situations just for the fun of it
  • Choose to become an expert in the subject of your choice
  • Develop a network that will encourage you and walk with you during the program and afterwards as well

Some testimonials for the work in this program include “You have given me a whole new life!” or “I can’t live without the lessons I learned from Riding the Current.”  Click here to learn more and register for the next semester of this powerful webinar series. Contact me directly for information on bringing it to your organization.



Lead Story Retreat

Imagine learning:

  • How to harness others to join a challenging task – where they are excited by the challenge
  • How to attract and keep the best talent – because they see and feel your vision
  • How to restore confidence to try a new technique – because you’ve seen it work
  • How to jump start solutions to complex challenges – already seeing possibilities

Leaders are constantly looking for ways to solve problems that work, yet in the rush of things, keep reaching for the tools they know – even when they don’t produce the results desired. Lead Story is different.

Lead Story is designed as a two-day retreat that brings together senior leaders or senior and mid-level leaders. In it you will realize how to

  • capture people’s imaginations,
  • unite them to achieve audacious goals,
  • develop 21st century qualitative skills that allow you to tackle complex problems,
  • convey your organizational values and vision in a way that inspires people to flock to your company, and
  • how to tap into your own personal inspirational system.

Imagine for yourself what others have achieved.

  • One leadership team completed their plan in one fourth the expected time.
  • Recruitment reported that best candidates were now saying yes.
  • Leaders began collaborating without losing control of their own goals.
  • The transition team gained fresh perspectives, the staff were galvanized, and productivity soared.

Lead Story has been honed to what one client calls ‘perfection’ and has brought the program in each year for eight years running. Designed to have solid impact, participants leave with real skills as well as an enthusiasm with staying power.

Entirely story-based, the program uses the power of story in subtle ways that win over the most ‘rational’ in the crowd. Using story-based techniques is more than business as usual. The design can handle as few as 12 and as many as 112.

If you are interested in energizing yourself and your leaders to higher and higher performance, invigorating innovation within staff, or building leadership capacity, invite us to bring Lead Story to your Leadership team.



Building Work
Environments for the Future

Creating a work environment that is more productive, creative, innovative, and resilient can be done. Dr. Blair builds on her own extensive experience and knowledge to create a customized program that brings in the aspects of building energy and motivation, honoring and honing work/life integration, learning through the work, building stronger teams, communicating well through story. Her work has taken her into every one of these areas and more. You set the main objective, and she will design your program using only the necessary building blocks.