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Most leaders say they're not ready for today's world of change, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. This kind of world calls you to draw upon every ounce of resilience you have - something you already understand, or you wouldn't be here.


But how to cultivate this resilience and bring it into your leadership style is the question of the hour.

I have always been curious to know how adults keep fresh knowledge coming into their lives and work. When I asked people from around the world a series of questions about this, I discovered much more than I anticipated. One of the things I discovered was that of those I interviewed, there was a subset of individuals that showed great resilient leadership in their lives.

When I looked more closely at what was common among them, the inspiration for my focus on resilient leaders was solidified. You see, I knew those common characteristics could be developed by anyone. When I developed them for myself, my leadership became more effective. This was news. I had to share it with others, and Resilient Leadership was born.

The purpose of my work and this site are to help you facilitate your own development as a resilient leader. Here are a few places to get started:


1. Sign up for resilience brilliance

resilience brilliance is a weekly action email that can be read in less than a minute. It includes a simple insight and corresponding action to practice throughout the week.  It is completely free to sign up, and you have my "no spam, no fluff" guarantee for quality content. Click here to learn more and join.

3.Learn about the Phenomenal 4

The behaviors described in the Phenomenal 4 behaviors are the very foundation of what a resilient leader does. Read more about the Phenomenal 4 (and how to add them into your day) here.

4. Connect with Me

The best part of my work is connecting with those who are eager and passionate about growing their resilience. As you start this journey, please reach out to me via Twitter or through the contact form on this site to introduce yourself!