Our world is tumultuous, ambiguous, and in a state of constant transformation.  Your team doesn’t need just another inspirational speaker: they need someone who can equip them to manage these difficult times and succeed in spite of them. They need someone to empower their resiliency.

My talks are rooted in the following concepts and utilize an engaging mixture of stories, attendee participation, real life experiences, and strategy practice.  They have been applauded by for-profit corporations, non-profits, women’s groups, and universities around the world. Interested in a topic that isn’t listed here? Please reach out to discuss further.


Unlocking Your Resilient Leader: Lift To a Whole New Level

Resilience is the capacity that allows you to bounce back from adversity, to perceive potential, and to see solutions that will move you to the next level.

Yet a shocking 2/3 of leaders say they’re not ready for today’s world of torrential change and uncertainty.  They are not prepared to be resilient.

This talk focuses on the three key characteristics resilient leaders cultivate and how you can follow in their footsteps.  Participants will learn how to build their own resilience, perceive ambiguity as a door to innovation, and grow as a leader in uncertain and challenging times.  In this session I introduce actionable strategies, stories, and cases that outline a clear path to increasing your resilient leadership as an individual and member of a larger organization.

Unlocking Your Resilient Leader: Lift to a Whole New Level will:

  • See the enormous power of questions and how they can become your habit
  • Become a resource for others in ways that build toward your own goal
  • Experience the joy of stepping into new situations just for the fun of it


Renewable Energy: Sparking Stories Inside Words


When the Board asked me to help them, I was thrilled. They had a mission that was so exciting and expansive, I couldn’t imagine it ever losing its power to motivate. Then I met the board and discovered that this board was bored – with its own mission.

It took less than an hour using stories from inside the words of the mission statement itself to see a sea change. By the time I left, they were talking about whole new ideas for moving their mission forward. What I remember the most, however, were the exchanges between them about seeing not just the mission statement come alive, but seeing their colleagues across the table in a totally new and positive light.

This story always has a happy ending. Renewable Energy: Sparking the stories inside the words leaves audiences in a new place. Years later, people have told me they never forgot the experience nor the effect it had on the organization.

Renewable Energy can always be customized for your audience. It has been used with small working groups such as Boards or teams. It has also been used in audiences in the 100’s to kick-start a retreat, invigorate a conference, or focus a discussion. Renewable Energy can be delivered in one to two hours depending on need.

Renewable Energy: Sparking Stories inside Words will:

  • Create excitement in an audience that is focused on a purpose
  • Open up creative thinking
  • Reinvigorate a sense of mission when used internally
  • Bring teams together at a deep and trusting level

This talk is often presented to smaller groups and is led as a facilitated dialogue driven by audience participation.



Work/Life Integration

Balancing our checkbook is a reasonable thing to do. There are two numbers. One is produced by you when you add or subtract an item from your checkbook. The other is produced by your bank for the same transactions. Both should come out to the same total at the end. If they do, your checkbook is balanced. The measures are clear. They are produced by two different processes. They are supposed to be perfectly balanced.

Yet, talking about balancing work and life is not the same. Work and life are not numbers. They are not produced by different entities. They are not even separate. We are still living when we are at work, and we are often working when we think we are just living. Pretending to separate them in order to get them in balance is ineffective. When work is a joy, would it matter if we did it every waking moment? When work is against all that we believe is important, what does it mean if we did it for only a few minutes a day?

Work and life together are really a blend of activities, and the objective of examining them is to create a life that is consistent with our values. That’s why I talk about work/life integration – where what you do and the decisions you make are consistent with what is important to you. When your decisions and actions reflect your values, you are much healthier and productive. Balance is no longer the measure. Integration is the goal. And it is achievable when you know how to think about and act upon it.

Building on my own life stories as a PhD, executive, wife, and mother, I challenge the common rhetoric on work/life balance and present a unique and practical model for how professionals can manage a full life.

In this program, participants:

  • Discover or rediscover what is important to them
  • Explore the decisions they have made that either enhance or distract from what is important to them
  • Begin to let go of guilt for past decisions
  • Examine upcoming decisions
  • Identify a new decision process for themselves

This talk is delivered in conversational style and best presented to smaller groups (12 to 40) with audience participation whether quietly or in conversation.