Resilient Leadership

Imagine feeling strong & confident in tough situations

Imagine knowing who you are when who you are is challenged

Imagine being at ease in uncomfortable places

Imagine having resilience, creativity, and ability to innovate when life gets in the way

Imagine knowing how to help your staff be ready to handle disruptions

Resilient leaders are strong and confident, know who they are, are at ease in discomfort, are creative and know how to help their staff be ready to handle disruptions. 

Discover the five practices that

strengthen your resilient leadership by

Working with Madelyn Blair

Madelyn Blair, author of the #1 bestselling international book, Unlocked, has been an executive for decades. A former division chief at the World Bank where her division excelled in innovation under high stress, she later created her own firm and has been offering leaders assistance for more than 30 years.


She has worked with some of the world’s leading companies, helping leadership at all levels to achieve their vision and unlock the potential of themselves and their staff to overcome challenges as they sought to achieve their vision. 


She has worked with individuals who wanted to ‘up’ their game – walking with them as they pursue your dreams. She calls herself an Accompanier.

Madelyn has worked in virtual settings for over 20 years – just in time for the needs of today. 

Empowered Woman of the Year 2020

Awarded by IAOTP

Live Radio show

Every Thursday at noon (ET) on Bold Brave Media Talk Network and Tunein Radio

Opening possibilities to be at ease in an uncertain world.

Archived shows can be found  by clicking

Shows are also available on Spotify & iHeart

#1 Best selling international

Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected

Embracing the unexpected is about finding yourself in an uncomfortable place and knowing you have what it takes to move on.

Free: Learn about Dr. Madelyn’s Phenomenal Four + One – the five practices to start building your resilience. Put them into your life now and feel the difference. 

When you're ready to become a resilient leader...

Arrange an interview with Madelyn at 301-371-7100 or email


“Madelyn is compelling and engaging.”

Her topics are always to the moment and inspiring. Experienced in virtual as well as face to face presentation. Most popular topics: Resilient Leadership, Sparking Stories inside Words, and Work/Life Integration.

“Her style allows interpersonal tenets to remain front-and-center that generate genuine paths for participation, empowerment, and feedback.”

The Unlocked Program

Eight week virtual program

• 90 minute workshop

• 60 minute introduction

“She’s a razor-sharp coach composed of equal parts encouragement and challenge.” 

Madelyn has worked with professionals around the globe, done virtually or face to face; one-on-one or with the entire team.

Her focus is always your issue.


Leaders Don't Manage Time, They Manage Choices

How a powerful behavior is replacing outdated time management practices


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