“This book is like spending time with a wise friend who has seen and thought about many things we all encounter and has some wise thoughts to say about it all.”

–Larry Prusak, Author, Working Knowledge 

Nothing is more constant today than frequent and fast change. If you struggle or freeze when the unexpected occurs, feel obsolete, or become flummoxed when you meet ambiguity, this book is for you. 

In Unlocked, connect with people who have lives that overcome challenges, lives that have been reinvented, lives of success. In Unlocked, discover practices that build the capabilities of resilient people. Capabilities that are within reach of everybody. 

These practices build the traits that prepare you for

  • Having more confidence in tough situations

  • Knowing who you are when who you are is challenged

  • Being at ease in uncomfortable moments 

  • Having resilience, creativity, and ability to innovate when life gets in the way.

Discover the building blocks of resilience

in Unlocked!

Unlocked provides highly personal and serious accounts of my life. I share my stories to inspire and help you accurately implement my tools in your own life. Providing a new take on the unexpected, my book inspires you to look forward to new changes in life and with the right tools overcome adversity. Instead of sharing technical details, I use the power of storytelling to help you gain a real-life perspective on the advice I offer. 

Each chapter is designed so that you can see the background of the area being discussed, learn and appreciate the practice that is being introduced and why, and read stories from real individuals who have practiced what is presented in this book.

When I developed them for myself, I grew my business, I developed capabilities that had been lying dormant in my life, and opened whole new business opportunities for my company. I had to share this with others, and Unlocked was born.


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Madelyn Blair is an author, business owner, and executive advisor with decades of experience unlocking and building capacities in individuals and work teams. 



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