Resilient Leadership


Imagine feeling strong & confident in tough situations

Imagine knowing who you are when who you are is challenged

Imagine being at ease in uncomfortable places

Imagine having resilience, creativity, and ability to innovate when life gets in the way

Imagine knowing how to help your staff be ready to handle disruptions

Resilient leaders are strong and confident, know who they are, are at ease in discomfort, are creative and know how to help their staff be ready to handle disruptions. We are all leaders, but are we all ready? 


Madelyn in action

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Every Thursday at noon Eastern, Madelyn hosts a unique radio show. Go here to listen live and click 'Listen' or check out the archives

Guests are carefully selected to bring real expertise and experience on Resilient Leadership in plain English format. It’s all aimed at opening possibilities when the unexpected happens.

“She’s a razor-sharp coach composed of equal parts encouragement and challenge.” 

Madelyn has worked with professionals around the globe, done virtually or face to face; one-on-one or with the entire team. Her focus is always on your issue.

Coming soon is the Unlocked Coaching Program that will allow you to join group coaching sessions or ask for one on one all in one agreement. Keep posted by signing up on the Contact page. 

“Madelyn is compelling and engaging.”

Her topics are always up to date and inspiring. She is experienced in virtual as well as face to face presentation. Most popular topics: Resilient Leadership, Sparking Stories inside Words, and Work/Life Integration.

Top Resilient Advisor of the Decade 2021


Empowered Woman of the Year 2020

Writes in Psychology Today

#1 bestseller international book: Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected

Author of five books, contributor to six others

More than 100 publications, papers, and presentations

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Leaders Don't Manage Time, They Manage Choices

How a powerful behavior is replacing outdated time management practices