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about Madelyn Blair

about Madelyn

Dr. Madelyn Blair brings formal knowledge combined with extensive experience at all levels of management to help you discover yourself

at a deeper level,

enrich your knowledge,

and create patterns of behavior that build confidence, resilience and competence

for today’s problems. 

About madelyn Blair
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This is Madelyn.  I'm a business owner, speaker, author, radio host, and resilience coach specializing in resilience at every level. I'm a faculty member at Columbia University and former Division Chief at the World Bank.

My education began in mathematics and now includes a PhD in sociology with emphasis in organizational psychology. I've written several books including my latest book, Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected and contributed to many others such as Smarter Innovation and Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over. I also write a blog, entitled Resilient Leadership, for Psychology Today.

In 1988 I founded Pelerei, a boutique consulting firm which specializes in helping organizations thrive in the midst of disruption.

Over the years, I've been privileged to work with wonderful people and organizations, including NASA, the Cincinnati Regional Chamber, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Walden University, Brookings Institute, and PwC.  

My goal is to help individuals and communities, wherever they are develop the resilient leader within.

Let's explore how I can help you and your organization or community embrace the unexpected through strategies for building and enhancing resilient leaders and members. 

Madelyn Blair is Empowered Woman of the Year

"Due to her authenticity, her balance between great theoretical background and long-term professional experience, Madelyn reaches out to her audience with great impact. You remember her points and are enabled to adapt them into your daily and professional life."  

–Rüdiger Süß, Senior Strategy Analyst, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)