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Madelyn Blair, executive coach for leaders who want to better handle disruptions and other unexpected events.

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Madelyn Blair, PhD is #ExecutiveCoach | TV Show Host of #Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair | Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author | Words @Psychtoday |


Dr. Madelyn's weekly show Unlocked


Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair: Unlocked is a dynamic
conversation offered weekly – on topical issues.

Leave each show with practical ideas about how you can prepare for the unexpected as well as the expected.

Watch it on e360tv television or the Madelyn Blair YouTube channel.

Over 80 hours of shows to watch

"Your show is very professionally done and it has a certain mellowness and presence to it.  It felt like I was in the room with both of you ." —Vinesh Sukumaran, Positive Psycologist


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Executive Coach


Dr. Blair knows that everyone is the leader of their career. Her work focuses on helping the leader in you by sharing her deep knowledge of management and resilience so you become more ready for the unexpected and achieve your potential.


"She's a razor-sharp coach composed of equal parts encouragement and challenge" —Daniel Rieger, Deputy Director
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"I found more value in one single conversation with her than in five full-hour conversations with most." - Peter Jansen, Leadermaker
“Madelyn’s humanity and ability to make you feel heard is astounding— and greatly needed right now. This grace, humanity, and kindness is now something I will carry with me to every interaction as well.” — Khrizya Gastelum 

"Madelyn Blair, PhD is being recognized as Renaissance Leader for a second time for 2022 based on her exemplary work in the fields of resilient leadership, literature, academia,business, the arts, and more." — The Stone Register

"Madelyn is compelling and engaging. Speaker is too general a term for her presence. She is a masterful storyteller who captures focus and generates learning on collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and resilience." 
Ed Hoffman, CEO, Knowledge Strategies and faculty, Columbia University

A Story of Impact


"I had the great privilege of meeting Madelyn Blair a few weeks ago. A deeply inspiring, personal chat that will resonate for a long time. She told me about the concept of the
'future story.'"

"Since leaving my last job & home, I'd had a recurring dream of a blindfolded woman flanked by swords, unable to walk forward because she couldn't see the way out. Since my conversation with Madelyn, I’ve pursued my future."

"I learned that writing yourself into your future, through story, gives you back your purpose and your power to succeed."

"Most importantly I never had the dream again."

-Becky Danicic, London