Resilience at Work

Imagine learning how to create an environment that encourages resilience and get creativity and innovation as bonuses. 

Jean-Claude F. Monney, Former Chief Knowledge Officer, Microsoft, says

"Madelyn’s teaching sets a new excellence level considering that she provides 3 of the essential teaching elements; she excels in preparation, she delivers valuable content with passion, and she provides generous after-support to her students.

-Jean-Claude F. Monney is now Digital Transformation Coach & Faculty, Columbia University 

Learn from someone who has stood in your shoes, walked in your path, and even stumbled and got up again. Dr. Madelyn is a master, because she has lived through the same challenges of leadership – whether that was leading a large unit at the World Bank or leading herself. She has studied the topics she teaches, and she knows how to turn complex theory into everyday language so you can stop trying to figure out what the lessons mean and concentrate on what the lessons mean to you. 

Dr. Madelyn creates a safe environment for participants to take in the deep lessons. Her workshops and programs use creative designs. They embed narrative practices and innovative learning and discovery practices that lead to powerful conversations and deep learning. Participants rediscover their true foundations and energy sources, take on new practices that deepen their knowledge, and come face to face with the power of curiosity to find new solutions. 

All my programs can be customized to organizations of various industries and sizes. Interested in a program area not listed here? Please reach out to discuss how my work can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Master Class: Unlocking Your Resilient Leader (Section 1)


From her research and four decades in leadership including executive positions, Dr. Madelyn opens up to participants so that they never feel alone in the work of the class. She brings everything she knows to the table, presenting clear frameworks for understanding resilience, practical strategies for building it, and does it all in plain English. This class is divided into two sections and are open to anyone who has made the decision that resilience is important to them. 


How to use what you were born with but somehow forgot along the way. 
We all begin as resilient people. Get back in touch with part of your heritage.

How to be at ease in uncomfortable places.
Never confuse comfort with being safe. Understand that discomfort can be a natural aspect of taking a risk that will open you to new possibilities.

How to tap resources from your deeper self.
Recognizing all that you bring to the table is the first step. Knowing what you already bring allows you to call upon it.

How to push the edge.
Possibilities you never dreamed of exist just beyond the edge. Learn how to get there and push for more. 

How to stop breaking bad habits.
Because your habits are different doesn’t make them bad. You decide how they serve you or not and make the decision. 


Creative, effective learning environment
All learning modalities are employed so that each person’s preferences are catered to. True stories will give depth to content. Every question is answered when it is asked.

Chances to meet good companions
No one is accepted to this program unless they agree that they are committed to learning and to accepting others in the learning process. 

When you need quiet time for reflection, these will be provided.


Feeling listened to
Great storytelling can’t happen unless there is a listening audience. Dr. Madelyn acts as your audience when you need to speak. 

Time ‘off the grid’
Use of electronics during sessions is not permitted.


Master Class: Unlocking Your

Resilient Leader (Section 2)

Section 2 is offered to teams who have completed Section 1 and wish to bring the lessons into their work together, developing strategies specific to issues that are confronting the team. (Each team brings the issue or issues they wish to work on.) The teams can be project teams, work units, or executive teams. The exercises are done within the team, building on what was learned in the previous Section. 
Dr. Madelyn requires additional information on each team’s goals and requirements for the day to assure effectiveness. This day is priced separately.


When you sign up for both Section 1 and Section 2, you will also get:


How to translate individual and generic group practices specifically for your team

How to define the team’s identity 

The sources of deep knowledge already existing in the team

What inspires this team to push the edges


Ground rules to guide future work of the team

Strategies for responding to the issue(s) in question

Individual attention from Dr. Madelyn during activities

Privacy for your proprietary discussions