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June 1 • Future Forming

When I work with organizations, I'm often asked to help them solve problems. One of my first challenges is to get them to think about something other than problems. I help them shift their attention to what things would be like if they were exactly how they wished they would be. Now, I don’t mean pie in the sky kinds of wishes. They need to be wishes that feel just familiar enough to imagine they might really happen – that they actually can see themselves and their people in those futures. That’s true whether you are a huge corporation or an LLC.


Once you have an attractive, even compelling, vision of the future, there still need to be ways that keep you moving toward it — that the day to day doesn’t chip away at the feasibility of the dream. How many of us let our own personal dreams fade as we meet with resistance?  How many of us have observed that business goals seem to drift? How do we keep them alive, vibrant and full of life?

My guest is Cees Hoogendijk, (pronounced Case Hoogen-dike)  He is Founder of Appreciative Inquiry Academy, CFO of Constructive (Un)conferences, and Thinking Partner in Strategic Organization Development.  He says that his mission is humanization of organization. Now, that’s something I can get behind. I’m always reminding people that organizations are actually made up of people and wouldn’t be organizations without people. They aren’t people, but they are made up of them. Cees calls it the humanization of organization.

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Cees Hoogendijk

Please join us! 

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Madelyn Blair Show Notes Archive

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Madelyn Blair Show Notes Archive
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How Art Makes the Difference
Laura Baron & Chris Brown
Award wining artists discuss the challenges and strategies of pursuing a career in the arts. 

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Freedom at Work

Traci Fenton joins Madelyn

Explore what can bring freedom into the workplace and the amazing bottom-line benefits.


Reimagining Teams

Mark Samuel  joins Madelyn

What a team looks like when working well, troubleshooting common issues that crop up to disrupt the team dynamic, and more!


Living in Both/And Land

Bruce Waltuck joins Madelyn

Waltuck talks about complexity so that anyone can understand. Then he presents ways in which we can deal with it in this world.  Very practical!


Hows and Whys of International Assignments

Paul Corney joins Madelyn

What it means to work internationally from prep to dealing with language and culture differences to getting paid. Corney gives you the ’skinny’ from his work in over 23 countries. 


More Powerful Than an Answer

Mary Alice Arthur joins Madelyn

If we are to mine the gold of our own selves, we must ask the bigger question. Mary Alice talks about what this means and how we can do it for ourselves.

Matthew Kohut head shot 11 2019.jpeg


Women In Project Management

Laurel Sims joins Madelyn

Laurel Sim discusses the overwhelming career opportunities for women in project management and also defines what is means to be a stepping stone. 


Beyond Your Authentic Self

Matthew Kohut joins Madelyn

Matt talks about the two characteristics that help to convey your ideas – capability and connection. Listen to find out how he brings those to life so that you can turn your oration to conversation and much more.

Joel Ruffin Sr_edited.jpg
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How  Students of Today Have Changed
Joel Ruffin and Ed Hoffman join Madelyn 
Joel and Ed explore the current changes of the spaces where we learn. Contrasting this with what learning is really about, they offer insights to deal with those changes.



Family Caregiver Stories

Lily Liu joins Madelyn

Lily is a family caregiver herself, leaving her work in  communications to care for her mother. She tells the story and adds many facts, insights and strategies for empowering family caregivers to any age. 



Courage in the Face of Challenge

Karen Thomas joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

Author of Naturally Recovering Autism, Karen talks about the four phases of addressing the underlying factors that affect autism.   




Scott Young joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

With the topic or goal of your choice, Scott presents principles that can direct you to gain knowledge quickly and to putting that knowledge to use.  

Tai Campbel_edited.jpg


Hands Up Guns Down

Tai Campbell joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

Tai is a community activist who was influenced at a young age by his father. He builds on this to teach young people how to have the skills and mindset to succeed in today’s urban environment.  

David Drake in library.jpeg


The Future of Hope

David Drake joins Madelyn 

David Drake, creator of Narrative Coaching, speaks about the challenges of dealing in a time when the future lacks the sense of positive hope that inspired people to overcome adversity and how we can attain that today for ourselves.  



The Purpose of Life

 Lincoln Greenidge joins Madelyn 

Lincoln Greenidge, CFO of Pasofino Gold Limited, addresses the importance of having a clear purpose for yourself or your company. He says that purpose is not to be seen as a goal. Instead it is about striving to be what achieves the impact of the purpose in the world.  

LaFarris Risby_edited.jpg


Overcoming Domestic Violence through Daring to Dream

LaFarris Risby joins Madelyn

LaFarris Risby owns several companies but never ceases to take time to help those who suffer from domestic violence find strategies that lead to freedom. 

Greg Hammer MD_headshot_scrubs.jpg


The Power of Intentions

Greg Hammer, MD joins Madelyn 

Dr. Hammer is Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and author of the book, Gain Without Pain: The Happiness Handbook for health Care Professionals. His focus is on the intentions we bring to our day and offers solid and practical steps to achieve greater happiness.  

Tim_Powell-1649-Edit-2-Edit copy.jpg


Corporate Purpose

Tim Powell joins Madelyn 

Tim Powell, author of  The Value of Knowledge, is a Senior Fellow at The Conference Board. He talks on how a clear company purpose is essential to thriving and predicts that CEOs will become Chief Purpose Officers.  

Wells & Romano2.jpg


Keeping a Business Running During the Pandemic

Karen Romano and Ray Wells joins Madelyn 

Partners in business and life, Karen and Ray talk about how they kept the family business going throughout the early years of the pandemic. Harnessing Karen’s marketing skills from her day job with Ray’s years of growing up in the business with his father, their story is inspiring and filled with great strategies.  



Creativity, Sister to Resilience

Michelle James joins Madelyn 

Michelle James has been working in creativity for over two decades. She talks about the power of finding ways to enhance your creativity and how it relates very much to resilience through the power of curiosity.  

Pernille Stockfleth.jpeg


From the Eyes of the Storyteller

Pernille Stockfleth joins Madelyn 

Pernille Stockfleth joined Madelyn from Denmark to talk about her life as a professional storyteller. Not one that just speaks from the stage but one that works with people to help them integrate the lessons from the stories into their lives. Full of fun and sage advice.  



Bringing a Company through COVID

Shawn Callahan joins Madelyn 

Shawn Callahan is the founder of Anecdote in Melbourne, Australia. Shawn tells a great story, and this story of the first two years of the pandemic are riveting. He explains how he and the entire staff of Anecdote worked to keep things going, and going well.  

Chris O'rourke Joins Madelyn Blair


Think Wellness; Build Resilience

Chris O’Rourke joins Madelyn 

Chris O’Rourke heads up the COO Forums in NYC and Washington DC, and his attention is always on how to bring real health to organizations. He talks about the seven wellness principles and connects them to resilience.  

David Fessell joins Madelyn Blair


Humor, Nothing to Laugh at

David Fessell, MD joins Madelyn 

Dr. Fessell is an expert in humor as well as his professions. He talks about the importance of understanding the benefits of humor in the workplace, at home, and in the world. It’s part of any prescription for health. He shares ways in which anyone can use humor.