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Resilience Mentor

Imagine having access to someone who knows the details of running a business, raising a family, keeping a welcoming home, and seeing the short term need without losing sight of the long term perspective. Imagine having someone who can give you the context that surrounds your issue. Imagine this person walking with you as someone who accompanies you. Although called a Resilience Mentor, Madelyn likes to refer to herself as someone who accompanies you as you walk your path.


As your accompanier, Madelyn’s resilience mentoring is efficient, to the point, taking only the time needed.

"I had the great privilege of meeting Madelyn Blair a few weeks ago. A deeply inspiring, personal chat that will resonate for a long time. She told me about the concept of the 'future story.' 


"Since leaving my last job & home, I'd had a recurring dream of a blindfolded woman flanked by swords, unable to walk forward because she couldn't see the way out. Since my conversation with Madelyn, I’ve pursued my future. I learned that writing yourself into your future, through story, gives you back your purpose and your power to succeed.


"Most importantly, I never had that dream again.”


–Becky Danicic, London

"Madelyn’s impact on my life has been disproportionately high relative to the actual time I’ve spent with her. She’s a razor-sharp coach composed of equal parts encouragement and challenge. Not only has she opened my mind to new possibilities for life and work, she’s challenged my beliefs about who I am and my place in the world. I am unspeakably grateful."

–Dan Rieger, 

Deputy Director - IT Strategy for the City of Indianapolis

"Madelyn's commitment 

coupled with her ability to foster potential is clearly effective in developing the skills needed for the modern workplace. She provides actionable, objective feedback, and I felt that her communication style enabled a high level of trust. Her support and coaching helped me to capitalize on my strengths and take on leadership roles without hesitation."

–Mehvesh Shereef, Organizational Transformation Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

Leaders need resilience mentors – to the point, timely and always confidence-building. 


Madelyn’s mentoring is different. Her focus is on the specific situation. She listens to help you see and define the problem and the context clearly. Then and only then will she draw upon her deep knowledge, skills, and tools to mentor.


When you’re in the middle of an uncomfortable change/situation, you want someone who will walk with you, and you want relevant, specific help.  Her advice has led to success in as little as an hour, but she will stay with you as long as needed. 

Madelyn has worked with 

professionals around the globe,

done virtually or face to face – one-on-one or with the entire team. 

Resilience mentoring services are specific to the need. 

For information on individual sessions, for custom programs, or for my upcoming group mentoring sessions please email me directly at or call at 301-371-7100.

Madelyn will get back to you within 24 hours.   

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