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Madelyn being interviewed by Donna on the Donna Drake Show.

Watch or listen to some of Madelyn's  favorite shows where she was being interviewed.

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Listen to Madelyn speak with Joe Cahill, COO of PMI on

Resilient Leadership.

Go to PMI's Center Stage Podcast and scroll down to

#3 Dr. Madelyn Blair & Joe Cahill

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Watch Madelyn with Donna Drake in a great conversation on the Donna Drake Show 

In May and June of 2018, Madelyn was interviewed by award winning journalists Doug Llewellyn and Jim Masters of CUTVNews. The six shows are listed here for your easy listening. 

1 moment of choice.jpg

The Moment of Choice: Where Resilience Happens

2 waterfall & rainbow.jpeg

Resilient Leadership: Techniques for and Benefits of the Resilient Leader

3 discomfort.jpg

Operating in Discomfort: The Need for Resilience in Today’s World 

4 door-keys.jpeg

Unlocking Resilience in the Organizational Setting

5 unexpected partners.jpg

Storytelling and Resilience: An Unexpected Partnership

6 Curious-story.jpg

Why Curiosity: Are You?

In 2017, Madelyn did over 20 shows on Empire Radio Now with Michael David. These are some of her favorites from that series. 


A Passion for Resilience

8 resilience.jpg

Refining What Resilience Is and the Benefits

9 bread.jpg

The Lesson from a Loaf of Bread and Mindfulness

10 A Bit on Magic.jpg

Magical: Talking to Mark in Chicago and Kristine in Tennessee with real business challenges plus a story of using story in a youth group

11 clock.jpeg

Leaders Don’t Manage Time, They Manage Choices – plus Janine from Connecticut asks about challenges with her children

12 door.jpg

Opening the Door of Curiosity: Twyla Tharp says Creativity and Curiosity Come Out of the Same Door regardless of which came first – plus Stacey in Miami and Peter in NJ

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