Madelyn Blair speaking 2
Madelyn Blair speaking 2

Image c 1Madelyn Blair Speaking
Image c 1Madelyn Blair Speaking

Madelyn Blair speaking 2
Madelyn Blair speaking 2



If you want to thrive in today’s turbulence, you need to learn to experience the freedom and growth of resilient leadership

"Madelyn is compelling and engaging. Speaker   is too general a term for Madelyn. She is a masterful storyteller who captures focus and generates learning on collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and resilience."

–Ed Hoffman, CEO, Knowledge Strategies and Academic Director, IKNS, Columbia University 

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Whether your group is 5 or 5000 strong, I give my audiences essential, action-oriented information and strategies to unlock resilience and address the complex modern challenges we all face each day.


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Madelyn draws from her many years as an executive, as a best selling author, and as a recognized leader in the use of story in organizations. Her favorite topics  are: 

Resilient Leadership is Madelyn's keynote. This talk is designed for all audiences and always includes actionable steps. It is also customizable for corporate settings, nonprofits, or individuals just wanting to unlock their resilience. It's inspiration with action steps included!

Renewable Energy: sparking stories inside words Great for teams, boards, committees, social groups, associations, and more who need to be refocused, energized, refreshed and motivated. 

Work/Life Integration is best in small groups of from 12 to 40. This powerful talk helps women and men who feel conflicted to move from trying to achieve balance to integration across their personal and professional lives. 

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