October 29, 2020 

Unlocked -- opening possibilities

 with Madelyn Blair.

Every Thursday at noon to one Eastern 

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What do we lose when we stop being curious?  


I had a cat once that opened every closet, cabinet, and door in my house. It took him two days to do it, but he persisted systematically until the job was complete. I was so impressed that his curiosity took him to such lengths to see everything in the house. We are like this cat when we are very young even if we can only crawl. What drives us to this need to know what is behind the next door? What seems to shut it off as we mature? How do we turn it back on? And how do we keep it on as we work virtually where stimulation is less?


My guest, Karla Phlypo, and I will explore these questions with real advice on how to turn the curiosity spigot back on and the enormous benefits we will gain from doing so.

There is also a call in time around 12:30. If you have a question for either Karla or myself, just call 866-451-1451, and engineers will queue you up. 

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