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Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected

What a wise and gracious book! The actionable strategies of Unlocked will certainly guide you through your many moments of choice when disruption comes. But what will stay with you from Unlocked is the compassion, the sheer empathy, of Dr. Blair’s approach. Read this book today, before you need it. Because that moment will certainly come, and when it does these inspiring stories and the gracious tenor of Blair’s voice will re-emerge, ready to guide you forward.

-David Hutchens, Author, Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators and Meaning Makers

Dealing with a professional conduct situation, your book was refreshing and grounding for such tense and distracting events.

–Sandy Kolberg, Academic Program Director, PhD in Management Program, Walden University

Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected takes that much used word “resilience” and redefines it into something you can discover, practice and embody. I am such a fan of the Phenomenal Four Plus One — what a simple, but powerful set of tools for being able to meet the challenges of life!

–Mary Alice Arthur, Story Activist,

Providing a new take on the unexpected, Unlocked gives readers the right tools to overcome adversity. 

Instead of only sharing technical details, Madelyn uses the power of storytelling to help readers gain a real-life perspective on the advice offered. Her stories are profound and come from ordinary and extraordinary people, including from both her personal and her professional life.

In Unlocked, connect with people who have lives that overcome challenges, lives that have been reinvented, lives of success. In Unlocked, discover practices that build the capabilities of resilient people. Capabilities that are within reach of everybody.

These practices build the traits that prepare you for
  • Having more confidence in tough situations

  • Knowing who you are when who you are is challenged

  • Being at ease in uncomfortable moments 

  • Having resilience, creativity, and ability to innovate when life gets in the way.

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Unlocked is available in hard copy, Kindle, and
now in audio format.

Riding the Current: How to deal with the daily deluge of data

“With compelling clarity she lays out the steps we might follow, not only to generate a tactic for orienting ourselves in this world of information overload, but to keep our interests alive and our knowledge useful.” –Ken Gergen, President, The Taos Institute
Among all the knowledge management books one is unlikely to find such practical wisdom based on hands on experience, written for audiences of all ages and at all stages of life – the art of self improvement turned into practical science. Congratulations!” –Uma Lele, Senior Advisor, World Bank

Riding the Current offers a new way to keep your knowledge fresh through conscious, self-guided learning that is grounded in the world of those around you. It is an approach that can be applied directly to work, avocations and passions. The approach is built on several disciplines that recognize that the question ‘What do you know?’ can’t be answered directly; that discovery and creation of new knowledge is done in conversation with others; and that our stories offer a wealth of insight.


Essays in Two Voices

“Essay in Two Voices (E2V) provides opportunities for meeting the basic human needs of being listened to and being considered.” –Bruce T. Smith, MD Psychiatrist
“The E2V process helps us deepen and widen our thoughts. I love the silence which has been a friend in the process.” –Bernard Tollec, CEO Involve Consulting

Essays in Two Voices: Dialogues of Discovery A slim volume that lays out a quick to understand process for two people to explore a topic together. Designed as a place to move past agreement and discover shared understanding. Neither party ever loses their voice and both know when the dialogue is finished. This process has been used on four continents for surprising purposes. Report how you have used it at our Facebook page for E2V. (Facebook link to E2V)


A Conversation on Gender


Conversations on Gender: Women and Men Working in International Organizations; Using Research as a Catalyst to Address the Issues of Women is a PhD dissertation and is available only for students and academics at the University of Tilburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

A Selection of Books Containing Her Contributions

Lessons from the Field: Applying Appreciative Inquiry
Chapter 12: Lessons From Using Appreciative Inquiry in a Planning Exercise 

Smarter Innovation: Using Interactive Processes to Drive Better Business Results
Chapter 4: Sitting in the White Space

Making It Real: Sustaining knowledge management; adapting for success in the knowledge based economy
Chapter 1 Narrative Intelligence Perpetuates the Learning Organization (written with Denise Lee)​

Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations use Storytelling to Drive Results
Chapter 10: I Can See Clearly Now: Bringing Strategy Alive Through Stories

The University of the Future: 
Chapter 2: The Educational Continuum: A Journey of Reinvention