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When decisions are complex, you can feel a sense of failure.


When you are bored with your work, you may want help discovering new channels. 


When the data and information keeps pouring in, you can feel overwhelmed.


When you need innovation and all you can see are the problems, you can feel confused.


When you are ready for the next step in your career and there is no career progression, you may need help to discover more options.
Madelyn Blair has headed up large and small organizations. She has faced the issues of balancing family with work demands from illness in her family to reduction in force impositions in her work and more.
 Often her clients call on her when the situation seems impossible.
Benefit from her wisdom. Be surprised when she sees more in you than you realized. Watch your confidence and competence grow as you face challenges with growing ease.
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"You don't know how impactful you have been in my life and how grateful I am to have met you."

Kate O'Connell ‚ÄĒ LPC

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"Madelyn’s impact on my life has been disproportionately high relative to the actual time I’ve spent with her. She’s a razor-sharp coach composed of equal parts encouragement and challenge. Not only has she opened my mind to new possibilities for life and work, she’s challenged my beliefs about who I am and my place in the world. I am unspeakably grateful."
–Dan Rieger,
Deputy Director - IT Strategy for the City of Indianapolis
"Madelyn's commitment
coupled with her ability to foster potential is clearly effective in developing the skills needed for the modern workplace. She provides actionable, objective feedback, and I felt that her communication style enabled a high level of trust. Her support and coaching helped me to capitalize on my strengths and take on leadership roles without hesitation."
–Mehvesh Shereef,
Organizational Transformation Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton
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