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Thursday, July 11th


Unlock the Power of Your Personal Brand through Embodiment

In today’s world, branding isn't just about logos and slogans—it's about embodying who you truly are. Marketers emphasize the need for a clear personal brand, but many of us struggle to live that brand authentically. How do we truly understand what we embody, and how can we align it with our desired brand identity? 

This week on Unlocked, we decode the mysteries of embodiment with expert insights from Terrence Gargiulo, former Chief Storyteller at Accenture and Change Management Architect at Visa. Now the President of MakingStories.net, Terrence is a celebrated author of eight books, including In the Land of Difficult People: 24 Timeless Tales Reveal How to Tame Beasts at Work, and a recipient of multiple awards for his groundbreaking work in storytelling. 

Through the power of story, Terrence will reveal how to identify what you embody and fine-tune it to align with your brand goals. So, what do you embody?  

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"[Madelyn’s] deep and insightful questions allowed me to discuss topics in a multidimensional manner. As a result, we had a rich, interesting and very dynamic conversation. At the same time, Madelyn was kind, respectful, made me feel comfortable and welcomed."
Miriam Zylberglait, MD
"It was such a delight to be in conversation with Madelyn. Her genuine interest in my work and the benefits it can bring, shows her to be utterly open to all possibilities in real terms and not just as a theory. She brought out the total best in me.”
Angie Wakeman, Clown Facilitator
"Madelyn’s questions shook off cobwebs in my mind on topics that were critical to my life successes that I haven’t thought about in years – topics that are still applicable today. I hope one day for a return invitation. In the meantime, she can count me as a new listener to her show!"
Michael Hillman, Executive Director Emmitsburg News Journal

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Reinvent to Thrive: Unlocking Resilience in Business

Nadya Zhexembayeva

Learn to reinvent your business and turn disruptions into opportunities with expert insights on resilience and reinvention from industry leader Nadya Zhexembayeva.



Secrets for a Powerful Virtual Conference

Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy

Learn the unexpected secret to keeping 1200 people from around the world engaged in a three-day virtual conference.


Difficult Conversations Can Build Trust

Ariana Friedlander

Difficult conversations are among the most important moments we must face.


Building a Startup to Succeed

Adam Perl

Startup failure rate is 90%. Key factors to ensure your startup isn’t among them.

Caring Across the Generations

Cara-Michelle Nethers, Dorothea Mordan, and Charmayne Turner

Almost 3 million children are currently being raised by older family members. Discover how caregivers can prepare for and accomplish this feat.

Reinventing Ourselves

Bruce Cryer

Go from chaos to coherence and lead from the heart.

Leading with the Heart is Not What You Think

Bruce Cryer

Pivot, transform, reinvent yourself with balance and coherence.

Career Impacts and Their Solutions

Eric Wentworth

When faced with an impact in our career, how can we find a solution quickly and effectively?

Teaching Old Stories New Tricks

David Hutchens

Why and how storytelling remains a critical skill for the leader and for the staff member, too. 

Design Thinking and You

Sheila McNamee

Our potential relies in the culture and environment. Learn how to better understand both.

AI and the Future of Work

Tuan Ho

AI is here to stay. How will it change the future of work?

When Trauma Gets in the Way

Lin Morel

Unrecognized roadblocks prevent us from reaching our true potential. Dr. Morel explores how to lift these obstacles.

Speak Well and Prosper

Frank DiBartolomeo

The presentation we give can be greatly improved through some simple steps and effective coaching. 

Conversation Isn't Just About Talking

Dr. Nancy Dixon

The dialogue in your everyday lives guide your direction, so how do you stay on course?

The Unlock Moment

Gary Crotaz

 “The Unlock Moment” is a moment in our lives which changes us forever.

Bliss Without Baggage

Vinesh Sukumaran

When life gets daunting, learn how to change your mindset to one that can overcome.

Federal Coaching - a Pioneer's Perspective

Lynne Feingold

Pioneering begins with perspective, and despite its difficulty, can be done. 

You Can't Tell Me How to Feel

Krista Rizzo

When emotions, and especially grief, enters the picture, understanding is more difficult for everyone. Solutions offered. 

What’s the Point?

Tuan Ho

Listed on Forbes 30 under 30, Tuan Ho talks about his lessons and what each of us needs to succeed in our dreams.

Idealism vs. Realism - the challenge of every new business

Michael Hillman

This show explores how a new business must and can harness both idealism and realism while producing

Passion or Persistence  

Julia Loughran

Passion drives us forward. Persistence keeps us going. Meet unrecognized women of science who mastered both. 

More Than Words Marketing

Danielle Hughes

Marketing means so much more than attracting audience. It also means showing up so that only audiences who value you will stick around.

Success & Being Curious About Yourself

Kamin Samuel

Creating an action plan and taking charge of your life, starting with building wealth, Kamin Samuel explains why.

What Makes Success?

Ruth Gotian

Is there a secret sauce for success? Learn from an award-winning expert.

Creating Collaboratively in Today's World

Steven Kowalski

Can creativity, constraints, cantankerousness, and collaboration work together?

Empathy in Action

Amy Wilson

Empathy, in action, is possible, learnable, impactful. What it is, why it’s important in today’s world, how to bring it to your life, and when benefits can begin.

Communication from Indigenous to Neuroscience

Supriya Venkatesan

How communication, indigenous practices, and strategy work together for more powerful conversation.

Three Secrets to Being Professional

Laura Francis

Being a professional is about how you do your work, not professional degrees. Learn how to gain the benefits of working professionally.

Lessons from Danish Folk Tales

Svend-Erik Engh

Teaching culture and meaning through stories, an ancient lesson with current value.

Secrets of Creating Your Self-Directed Learning Potential

Karla Phlypo & Sandy Kolberg

Preparing for the future begins with setting the path and gathering the resources for the journey today. Learn how from the experts.

Six Strategies for Giving and Receiving Feedback

Karen Tracy

Feedback is essential for career growth. Learn six strategies for giving and receiving useful feedback.

Anxiety - How to Recognize and Manage it

Linda Potts

Stress and anxiety may or may not be the same thing. What do you think? The good news is either and both can be handled.

Federal Coaching - a Pioneering Approach

Lynne Feingold

Pioneering begins with perspective, and despite its difficulty, can be done. A great story with many tips.

Mindfulness – we have it all wrong!

Gamini Hewawasam

Mindfulness – we have it all wrong! Gamini Hewawasam explains the original intention and method of mindfulness.

Helping the Human in an AI World

Stephanie Barnes

AI will change the world as we know it, but in the process, we need to attend to the human side of AI.

The Cure for Stress is Built-In

Greg Hammer MD

How to tone up your vagus nerve and tone down your stress.

Grief Important to Life

Sarah Miller

Exploring the depth of grief and healing through a candid conversation.

Conversation, Vital to Building Life

Kelly Cresap

How we converse with those around us determine the connections we make, the friends we have, and the entire course of our lives.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Joanna Hardis

Sometimes, it’s our own minds getting in the way of our goals. Learn how to stop this.

Pattern Breaks

Michelle James

How creativity in business improves innovation, problem solving, resilience, and morale.

Must Life and Work Live in Two Worlds?

Dr. Tania Farren

Work and Life are often regarded as two separate worlds–but what if we conjoined them?

Lessons from Frank Lloyd Wright through the Lens of Management

John Hovell

Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius is explored through the lens of management. Surprises arise.

Best of the Best

Nine selected guests from Unlocked

A celebration of achieving five years of Unlocked by watching a collection of some of the most insightful, radical, or funny segments from their shows.

Real Connection in the Digital Realm

Amy Lenzo & Firehawk

Strategies & techniques to humanize the virtual space where we find ourselves.

Active Calm & PTSD

Dan Jones

Are you challenged by PTSD, crisis situations, or just normal living? Explore why and how calm can be achieved even in the midst of chaos.

Live the Life You Aspire

Marietta Vis

How to bring your aspirations to life!

A Life Well Lived

Thordis Simonsen

Living a life meaningfully involves vision, persistence, vision, resilience, and vision. Be inspired. 

Expanding Who You Are

Ilene Wasserman

Creating productive, creative, and functional workplaces where staff can shine beyond their own imagining is doable.

Building Brand

Mark Stephen Pooler

Building a business brand takes a versatile person with a variety of skills, as well as the knowledge of how to keep enhancing these skills.


Deep Case Studies in a Life that Counts

Uma Lele

Life lessons and how studying a topic deeply means building your knowledge and finding your voice.

Boundaries & Identity with Tom Garcia

Tom Garcia

Our identity is not easy to find, but maybe we just need to build it up.

Psychology of Surveys

Jennifer Clinehens

Surveys can help businesses become more “human”. Listen to the best advice for making surveys attractive for others to respond.

Innovation Starts with I

Saleema Vellani

Innovation often seems difficult to achieve, but with a few steps and some motivation, you can change yourself for the better.

Building Community Part 1

Michael Hillman

On the importance of communicating clearly in all of life and how to do it.

Keeping Good Company

Dave Maurer

Choosing the people we surround ourselves with is important. Do we always know how to choose them or let them go?

Speaking Our Minds Unapologetically

Ivna Curi

How to speak your mind in difficult situations while moving beyond being nice.

Healing Broken Systems

Edwin Korven

How to solve problems and heal broken systems when the system is called a company.

Mom Relaunch

Shallini Priyadarshini

Shalini of Mom Relaunch knows how to prepare women to successfully return to the workforce after raising their children.

It's an Honor to...

Indya Clark

Imagine being able to say, It's an honor to introduce yourself to someone in a manner than indeed honors you.

Living Inside Our Story — How Teens Prepare for the Future of Work

Laurel Sim, Ashley Qiao, and Sydel Anku

Two planning approaches, reactions, achievements and impact from the teens themselves.

Creating Transformational Spaces

Mary Alice Arthur

Discover resources already in your hands!

Promised free chapter of 365 Alive! is available here

Strategic Differences at Mid-Size

Dr. Sandy Kolberg

Explore the areas that mid sized companies must consider to assure sustainability and  the translation of these to the strategies for you wherever you are in your career.


Active Calm and PTSD

Dan Jones

Tai Chi Consultant to Johns Hopkins, Dan describes how and why calm can be achieved in chaos even with PTSD. Watch additional exercise by Dan here.

Success is in the Details - Healthy Behaviours

Dr. Kathy Shirley

We get only one body during our lifetime. Learn why and how to care for it with patience and time so that you function at your best

Stories Are How We Think

Cynthia F. Kurtz

How we can understand the world through our stories.

Success & Being Curious about Yourself

Dr. Kamin Samuel

Why creating an action plan and taking charge of your life, starting with building wealth.

The Evolution of a Career

Dominique Lallement

How a career can evolve across the many lives we live.

Curiosity & Innovation

Kelly Widelska

Curiosity is the difference between stasis and innovation -- between death and thriving.

What's the Point?

Tuan Ho

Listed on Forbes 30 under 30, Tuan Ho talks about his lessons and what each of us needs to succeed in our dreams.

Creating Long Term Relationships

LaFarris Risby

Why building relationships that last brings us more than we expect - in business as well as in our personal lives.

Customers or Kids

Laurie Delk Rabecki

How to maintain a positive relationship between your company and your customers.

Banishing Burnout

Miriam Zulberglait

Happy endings start with choosing to recognize ourselves as the authors of our lives.

Every 90 Seconds

Dr. Anne DePrince

Explores violence against women, its impact on humanity, and strategies for changing things.

Every Day Counts

Diane Forster

When she lost everything, Diane Forster talks about how she discovered each day is a gift and the only gift she really needed.

Starting Over

Najat Rizk

The extraordinary journey of Najat, CEO and multiple international award winner, from success to success.

One Plus One Is Three

John Hovell

How leaders draw on vision and conversation to create more than one plus one. Be sure to check out his list of references on the YouTube notes of the show.

When Teens Are Part of the Picture

Laurel Sim & Nita Gupta

Experience and techniques for helping the teens in your life see themselves more clearly and discover their value.

Creating Peaceful Homes

Akufuna Ngonda

Find out what it means to create a 'peace room' in your home.

Eliminating Burnout & More

Greg Hammer, MD

Ways to address burnout and build a happier existence for you and those around you.

Ethics & Values at Goodwords

Caitlin Cronkhite

Businesses have values and ethics whether they are stated or not. This is the story of how a company became explicit about ethics and values and how that translates into day to day operations. 

Negotiation: Power or Persuasion or...

Susan Borke

Borke shares expertise on how to prepare for negotiating in any situation.

Mystery Loves Company

Kathy Harig

Why do we love mysteries so much? Kathy offers strategies on how to compete in the very tough bookseller industry.  

Finding the Clown Within

Angie Wakeman

Clowning is so much more than funny — it's joy. Angie takes you into that joy and the discoveries found there.

We've just introduced time stamping on the Youtube file to make it easier to watch. Enjoy!

Beauty & Photography

Ann Landstrom

Discover things you never thought about branding and you! From a Master!

Ann's latest offering: Brand Like a CEO is


The Smart Mission

Ed Hoffman & Larry Prusak

An amazing blend of stories and wisdom all from their years of experience in NASA. About culture, collaboration, learning and more

Lessons from a Master Athlete

Beth Leasure-Hudson

Lessons from a World Class cyclist and how she mentors would-be champions while still competing herself. Be inspired.

A Dangerous Idea to a Life of Impact

Guy Djoken

When your objective is to facilitate peace in the world, you will try even dangerous ideas.


For more about Guy's work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suUq1C35qgo

For more about Guy's book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmKulPCKcbM

Be the CEO of your Career

Carol Ann Wentworth

What it means to be the CRO of your own career with a vision and strategy. 

Help for the Teen Years

Paloma Torres-Davila

Insights and techniques for helping teenagers deal with the pressures of the teen years and become more resilient. 

Tune into Your Intuitive Superpowers

Lisa Long

Strategies & techniques to tap into the knowledge and guidance available to us all. Free gift from Lisa: https://enlightenedlifeacademy.com/5-easy-steps-meditation-free/

Reflections from Listening

Kay Lindahl

Meaning is important to all of us when we think about it. Discover the role of listening in finding meaning.

Live the Life You Aspire

Marietta Vix

What does embodiment mean when it comes to helping us be our aspirations?

Creating Peaceful Homes

Akufuna Ngonda

Find out what it means to create a 'peace room' in your home.

Form & Freedom

Lesley Diaz

Exploring how the constraints of form can actually provide the freedom to achieve remarkable things.

Coming soon: Handout from the session

Success through Emergence

Stacey Krantz 

Starting up a business and growing to success during a pandemic

Real Connection in the Virtual Realm

Amy Lenzo & Firehawk

If you want participants to feel engaged and a full part of the virtual group, Lenzo says, "Choose how you hold each other." How? Watch this episode. 

The link to their evergreen courses is here

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Marjorie Saulson

Clear and specific strategies for building an effective profile on LinkedIn using a real example. 

Humour and Play in the Workplace

David Fessell & Ed Hoffman

Humor is a sign of hope. Humor is part of creating an environment where trust can build and innovation can occur. Advice to leaders — when things get a bit too serious, give permission to laugh by laughing yourself.

Creativity as a Path to Success

Diana Whitney

When a talk begins with "listening is witnessing the other person," you have to stop and think. Creativity happens when we feel we exist to ourselves — and to others. And that's just the beginning. 

10 Principles for Navigating the Next Normal

Laura Humphrey

"Pop-up belonging."  "Roomies & Zoomies." And that's just the start of an exploration of how we really can think about making the next normal work for us. 

Diversity & Inclusion from South Africa

Tanya Cruz Teller

It's all about equity and belonging. Each of us must nurture what enables us to bring our best ideas. It's captured in the name of her company – Spaciousness Works.

From Frustrated Serial Quitter to Confident Leader

Cara-Michele Nether
You can always begin again with health, good food and fitness. Listen for strategies along with the reasons to commit. (See her free offer on meal-planning.)

Future Forming

Cees Hoogendijk

Can organizations or individuals really form their futures? Find out that they are the only ones who can. Check my blogs for the promised poem.

How Art Makes the Difference

Laura Baron & Chris Brown

Award wining artists discuss the challenges and strategies of pursuing a career in the arts

Freedom at Work

Traci Fenton joins Madelyn 

Explore what can bring freedom into the workplace and the amazing bottom-line benefits.

Reimagining Teams

Mark Samuel  joins Madelyn

What a team looks like when working well, troubleshooting common issues that crop up to disrupt the team dynamic, and more!

Living in Both/And Land

Bruce Waltuck joins Madelyn

Waltuck talks about complexity so that anyone can understand. Then he presents ways in which we can deal with it in this world.  Very practical!

Hows and Whys of International Assignments

Paul Corney joins Madelyn

What it means to work internationally from prep to dealing with language and culture differences to getting paid. Corney gives you the ’skinny’ from his work in over 23 countries. 

More Powerful Than An Answer

Mary Alice Arthur joins Madelyn

If we are to mine the gold of our own selves, we must ask the bigger question. Mary Alice talks about what this means and how we can do it for ourselves.

Women In Project Management

Laurel Sims joins Madelyn

Laurel Sim discusses the overwhelming career opportunities for women in project management and also defines what is means to be a stepping stone.

Beyond Your Authentic Self

Matthew Kohut joins Madelyn

Matt talks about the two characteristics that help to convey your ideas – capability and connection. Listen to find out how he brings those to life so that you can turn your oration to conversation and much more.

How Students of Today Have Changed

Joel Ruffin and Ed Hoffman join Madelyn

Joel and Ed explore the current changes of the spaces where we learn. Contrasting this with what learning is really about, they offer insights to deal with those changes.

Family Caregiver Stories

Lily Liu joins Madelyn

Lily is a family caregiver herself, leaving her work in  communications to care for her mother. She tells the story and adds many facts, insights and strategies for empowering family caregivers to any age. 

Courage in the Face of Challenge

Karen Thomas joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

Author of Naturally Recovering Autism, Karen talks about the four phases of addressing the underlying factors that affect autism.


Scott Young joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

With the topic or goal of your choice, Scott presents principles that can direct you to gain knowledge quickly and to putting that knowledge to use.  

Hands Up Guns Down

Tai Campbell joins Madelyn & Ed Hoffman 

Tai is a community activist who was influenced at a young age by his father. He builds on this to teach young people how to have the skills and mindset to succeed in today’s urban environment.

The Future of Hope

David Drake joins Madelyn 

David Drake, creator of Narrative Coaching, speaks about the challenges of dealing in a time when the future lacks the sense of positive hope that inspired people to overcome adversity and how we can attain that today for ourselves.  

The Purpose of Life

Lincoln Greenidge joins Madelyn 

Lincoln Greenidge, CFO of Pasofino Gold Limited, addresses the importance of having a clear purpose for yourself or your company. He says that purpose is not to be seen as a goal. Instead it is about striving to be what achieves the impact of the purpose in the world. 

Overcoming Domestic Violence through Daring to Dream

LaFarris Risby joins Madelyn 

LaFarris Risby owns several companies but never ceases to take time to help those who suffer from domestic violence find strategies that lead to freedom.

The Power of Intentions

Greg Hammer, MD joins Madelyn

Dr. Hammer is Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and author of the book, Gain Without Pain: The Happiness Handbook for health Care Professionals. His focus is on the intentions we bring to our day and offers solid and practical steps to achieve greater happiness.

Corporate Purpose

Tim Powell joins Madelyn

Tim Powell, author of The Value of Knowledge, is a Senior Fellow at The Conference Board. He talks on how a clear company purpose is essential to thriving and predicts that CEOs will become Chief Purpose Officers.

Keeping a Business Running During a Pandemic

Karen Romano and Ray Wells joins Madelyn

Partners in business and life, Karen and Ray talk about how they kept the family business going throughout the early years of the pandemic. Harnessing Karen’s marketing skills from her day job with Ray’s years of growing up in the business with his father, their story is inspiring and filled with great strategies.

Creativity, Sister to Resilience

Michelle James joins Madelyn

Michelle James has been working in creativity for over two decades. She talks about the power of finding ways to enhance your creativity and how it relates very much to resilience through the power of curiosity.

From the Eyes of the Storyteller

Pernille Stockfleth joins Madelyn

Pernille Stockfleth joined Madelyn from Denmark to talk about her life as a professional storyteller. Not one that just speaks from the stage but one that works with people to help them integrate the lessons from the stories into their lives. Full of fun and sage advice.

Bringing a Company through Covid

Shawn Callahan joins Madelyn

Shawn Callahan is the founder of Anecdote in Melbourne, Australia. Shawn tells a great story, and this story of the first two years of the pandemic are riveting. He explains how he and the entire staff of Anecdote worked to keep things going, and going well.

Think Wellness; Build Resilience

Chris O’Rourke joins Madelyn

Chris O’Rourke heads up the COO Forums in NYC and Washington DC, and his attention is always on how to bring real health to organizations. He talks about the seven wellness principles and connects them to resilience.


Humour, Nothing to Laugh at

David Fessell, MD joins Madelyn

Dr. Fessell is an expert in humor as well as his professions. He talks about the importance of understanding the benefits of humor in the workplace, at home, and in the world. It’s part of any prescription for health. He shares ways in which anyone can use humor.