Bestselling Author, Coach and Speaker Dr. Madelyn Blair Has Been Named
‘Renaissance Leader’ for 2021 By The Stone Register,
New York’s Leading Marketing and Advertising Firm


Madelyn Blair, PhD is being recognized as 2021’s Renaissance Leader based on her exemplary work in the fields of resilient leadership, literature, academia, business, the arts, and more. 

The Stone Register’s company directors and ownership have selected Dr. Madelyn Blair as the inaugural recipient of the unique and important title, Renaissance Leader. Dr. Blair brings her dynamism to topics as far ranging as leadership, resilience, fashion design and more to large and small audiences across the globe, and relates equally one on one.

In early 2021, The Stone Register, New York's preeminent marketing and advertising firm, decided they would recognize one individual based on that individual's extraordinary skill, boundless creativity, and overall prowess in managing multiple duties on any given project.  As a member of the esteemed Forbes Business Council and recipient of countless endorsements and accolades, the company's leadership did not take lightly the task of finding that perfect someone to fill the position. An exhaustive screening process ensued, throughout which countless clients of the well-known firm were considered for this distinction and its included brand benefits.

“We’ve never assigned a title or accolade like this outside of our own company ranks before,” explains S.W. Miliano, Managing Director/Co-Founder of The Stone Register. “You could say we had a real ‘light bulb over the head’ moment with our idea to name a Renaissance Leader.” 

The Stone Register has specified that a great inspiration for the Renaissance Leader distinction came as a result of observing their clients’ actions (and reactions) to this challenging new decade.  

Mr. Miliano continues: “Above all, it has been a case of recognizing the sheer abundance of polymaths under company management, many of whom are essentially experts in every facet of their work and personal lives. It’s utterly remarkable. However, there can only be one first, and in this case it just had to be Dr. Madelyn Blair. Here’s a woman who has led over 600 programs, writes bestselling books, does all her own graphics, and still finds time to host a radio show, conduct international conferences, innovate in the kitchen, and design her own clothing... She’s the whole package, a Renaissance Leader indeed.”

Dr. Madelyn Blair, former division chief at World Bank, focuses her work presently in the emerging field of Resilient Leadership, exploring how individuals, managers and senior leaders can increase their agility in today’s global environment. She is a business owner, author, speaker, and resilient leader coach. She is faculty at Columbia University and has taught at several other universities including Kent State and Walden. Over 30 years ago, she founded Pelerei, a boutique consulting firm she runs to this day, specializing in resilient leadership, storytelling, organizational learning, knowledge management, and narrative intelligence. Her clients include such luminaries as NASA, International Monetary Fund, Huawei, and more.

Dr. Blair holds a PhD in organizational psychology and is known for being a leader who has always brought her teams to a higher level of productivity. She is the author of five books including Riding the Current, Essays in Two Voices, Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected--#1 Bestseller internationally--and a contributor to many other works, such as Smarter Innovation, Lessons from the Field, and The University of the Future. Most recently, she began hosting her own television show, Unlocked with Madelyn Blair, which airs Wednesdays at 6pm (Eastern) here.

Her success, however, is not limited to boardrooms, media appearances and career accolades, extending to the home she runs, which is acclaimed for its beauty and peaceful quality. It is here that she does arguably her most influential work of all. In addition to various creative projects around the house (like gourmet cooking and clothing design) Madelyn Blair has been happily married for 45 years, raised a daughter and now enjoys a beautiful grandson.

“Madelyn Blair is the quintessential example of what a modern day renaissance woman is,” states Eddy Alfred, The Stone Register’s other Managing Director/Co-Founder. “Her broad intellectual interest and career accomplishments made our Renaissance Leader decision-making process a no-brainer.”

The Stone Register is proud to bestow its first-ever Renaissance Leader title upon the highly deserving Dr. Madelyn Blair. It is with great excitement for all future endeavors that both parties celebrate this mutual landmark. 

To learn more please visit the dedicated Renaissance Leader official website here.

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Dr. Madelyn Blair named Top Resilient Advisor of the Decade by IAOTP


By: PRUnderground

April 12, 2021 at 19:36 PM EDT

Dr. Madelyn Blair, Speaker, Author, Business Leader, Radio Host, and Executive Coach, recognized as an authority in resilient leadership, management and the power of story, a Faculty Member at Columbia University known for bringing her students to higher levels of performance, and Contributor to Psychology Today, was chosen as Resilient Advisor of the Decade for 2021 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

(PRUnderground) April 12th, 2021

For more information on Dr. Blair please visit: www.madelynblair.com

View her Video: https://youtu.be/YVEUdp8k59w


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