This Week's Mental Espress0

On my television show, Unlocked, I get to ask some amazing people lots of questions. Among their answers, there is often a comment that is pure inspiration. Today, I’m introducing a new and improved Mental Espresso that gives you the opportunity to listen to both my question and the inspired response from my guest.

If you feel you don’t have time to waste yet you want and need new ideas and perspectives to stimulate your work, Mental Espresso is designed for you. From an opening question, Mental Espresso offers you a brief video clip from Unlocked on e360tv and my YouTube channel.

You always want to improve – whether the move needed is minor or major, the good news is that you can always make a change. Even slight changes can produce a real difference over time. So, take a mental espresso break – with a twist of lemon or with sugar – I think you will enjoy the gentle jolt.

Video Poster Image

I thank my guests in advance and hope they will be inspired by their own words as I have been.
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Curious about the history of Mental Espresso?

Mental Espresso began life in 2009 as a digital postcard sent to your email. The very first issue of Mental Espresso looked like this:

 The name Mental Espresso came from my friend Ashraf Ramzy, He suggested it over a cup of coffee one day in Amsterdam. I’m so grateful for the lift it gave me!