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e360tv knowledge resilience Oct 24, 2021

One morning, I tripped on the sidewalk, landed on my chin, gave myself a concussion, spent four days in bed, and discovered how important resilience is. Hi, I’m Madelyn Blair, and I haven’t been able to stop helping others understand the power of this native ability and how it can be nurtured and expanded for those times when the unexpected happens or you just know it’s time for a change.

Resilience to me is that moment when you have to decide what to do in order to move forward. Some call that bouncing back. I think resilience is far more than that. Bouncing always sounds like a trampoline giving you a push on your way up. Resilience actually comes from within – like a long jump. You make the decision to jump and call upon your own strength to do it.

On my show, I interview guests. I choose my guests with great care. At Unlocked, we speak with experts, book authors, CEOs, leaders, parents, nurses, city administrators, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Each brings their truth to the challenges of today’s world that is filled with unexpected disruptions and expected challenges that tax the hardiest soul. Unlocked is about giving you something that you need so that you can live your life moving forward.

I’m a speaker, author, and resilience coach. I am faculty at Columbia University’s IKNS program, and I’ve written five books including Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected which became a #1 bestseller internationally. I also blog on Psychology Today on Resilient Leadership. I’ve been researching resilience for 15 years.

I’ve worked with large and small organizations and in 1988 founded Pelerei, a boutique consulting firm. Previous to starting my company, I was a Division Chief at the World Bank and created a division that regularly outperformed others. I tell you this so that you know that I have real leadership experience in large organizations and from the perspective of a woman. My Ph.D. is in organizational psychology. So, I’ve looked at leadership from the academic and conceptual perspectives as well.

I actually understand what it means to take on the impossible and make it work even when things are constantly disrupted. I know what it’s like to be the only woman at the table. I know what it means to know that you can do more. I’ve worked through barriers and learned how to keep my energy high and full of hope. I want to help you learn how to do that, too. Join me on Wednesdays at 6 pm Eastern on e360tv. View on your computer, your tv, or your phone. Wherever you view the show, join me!

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